How to play fantasy tennis

Fantasy tennis

Fantasy sports have been around for a while but tennis was late to the game. But the moment is finally here, you can now play fantasy tennis on almost every site. Because it’s new, not everyone is familiar yet with the point system and other how-to’s. So if you’re looking to get into the world of fantasy tennis, then this is the right place to be. Below we’ll into how you can play, all kinds of useful terminology, rules and some strategy tips. Let’s get you started on fantasy tennis.

How the draft works

To start playing fantasy tennis, the first step is to choose 5 male and 5 female players from the top 100 selection on the site. Rules differ depending on the league, but generally, that’s how it works. Your chosen players will then start collecting points throughout the year based on the 28 tournaments that take place. That, of course, is only the case if you choose to play season-long fantasy tennis instead of daily fantasy tennis.

fantasy tennis

Buying players

You have a pretend $20 million to purchase players. That may sound like a lot, but the value of star players is a lot too. Eitherway, you’ll have to choose carefully because you need the players in your team to win you points. Depending on the site you play, you can read all about the details of the point system. This is where your players can earn points, for example through the sets won, number of hits and misses.


Once you’ve got your team, you can still move players around by way of transfer. However, you can only do so during the indicated transfer windows. If you play for the entire season, there are 4 of those when you make the changes you like. However, do keep in mind the main rule: your team has to consist of five men and five women and can’t exceed $20 million.

DFS providers

The original fantasy sports started out with only season-long leagues, but things have evolved. Nowadays the most popular type of fantasy sports is actually a daily kind. People like to see quick results with a short-term commitment, which makes daily fantasy sports ideal. Speaking of tennis, this is the preferred style of playing the game as well.

How it works

If you’ve played fantasy sports before then you know that the main providers are FanDuel and DraftKings. The same goes for fantasy tennis where both of these sites take the lead. As mentioned before, tennis has only recently been added to the fantasy category. While not sure why it has taken so long, perhaps tennis is a little harder to organize rather than sports like football or hockey. Anyhow, you can finally play it now!


Fantasy tennis is mostly based on the big Grandslam tournaments like Wimbledon and the US Open. The way it works? Up until the level of the quarter-finals, you have to assemble teams of 6 while staying under the maximum budget. You’re free to pick women or men or even pick both in some cases. After the quarterfinals, rules change slightly. The roster would decrease to a mere three players. There are several styles of competing, for example, 50/50, multipliers and satellites.

Fantasy Tennis League

Fantasy tennis is not always so straightforward as the other sports. In fact, some of the specific tournaments offer fantasy tennis during the tournaments. This means that the rules you’re used to from FanDuel, for example, changes up quite a bit. Sometimes it might be worth checking out the contest offered on the tournaments sites because their conditions differ. If you want to be sure to get an advantage boost, make sure the check out the point system and conditions of a couple of different sites before you decide where to play.

fantasy tennis


If you haven’t played fantasy tennis before, no worries, described on this site are some of the terms you will likely come across. The match is the competition between two players. In order to win, one of the parties needs to win at least 2 sets. One exception here, which is the Men’s Grand Slams. Not just two sets are required to win, but three.

Winning a set

Perhaps the most important term you will come across in the world of fantasy tennis is the word ‘Set’, The logical purpose of tennis is to have your team players win as many sets as possible.


You win the game if you get to four points, winning by two. Players take turn serving and it’s during those periods points are scored and thus you get one step closer to winning the game.