Grand Slam Tournaments

Grand Slam Tournaments

In case you’re wondering what the Grand Slam Tournaments are, we’ve got you covered. it refers to the four most important tennis tournaments. Not just because of their extensive media coverage, but also for the great prize money. On top of that of course, each tournament is a whole event with celebrities, parties, and get-togethers that everyone loves to be a part of.

Tournaments history

The 4 Grand Slam tournaments are Wimbledon, the US and Australian Open and Roland-Garros de Paris. It’s self-evident where each of these tournaments is played! Most people would agree that Wimbledon (1877) is the most prestigious of these tournaments. It has that kind of feeling buried in its heritage and flair, perhaps because it’s from the UK (anecdotal) or likely because it’s the oldest tournament out of the four. All players still have to wear all-white uniforms and there is just an atmosphere to it that the other tournaments can’t top. That doesn’t mean the other tournaments aren’t as important, it’s actually the contrary! All tournaments are equally important to players.

grand slam tournaments


So what makes each of these tournaments stand out? What are its similarities? the most important difference is the surface on which is played. Wimbledon is played on grass, the US and Australian Open on a hard court and Roland-Garros on clay. Each of these surfaces creates a different play-experience, as well as for the player and the watcher. Aside from that, the tournaments are pretty similar in the sense that they generate wide media coverage and have good prize money.

Playing fantasy tennis

If you’ve been playing fantasy sports for a while, you might know that fantasy tennis has only been recently added to the assortment. Perhaps that’s because tennis is not a team sport and therefore the draft and line-up will be less dynamic. Not to mention, less to resemble real-life. But that, of course, is no more than a matter of personal taste, it turns out that the fantasy tennis point system was also not easy to organize.

Point system

When you shop around on different fantasy sports sites, you’ll notice that the rules vary quite a bit. There are differences in the point system, draft rules and the number of players to pick for your team. The biggest change has been made by FanDuel, where you’re allowed to trade players after the lock. This is great because in real-life tennis it happens quite often a player withdraws. Which for your team instantly means you’re far behind. This makes the game more dynamic and takes the pressure off for you as a player.


Playing other tournaments

The biggest peak in popularity when it comes to fantasy tennis we always see during one of the four grand slam tournaments. Of course, there are many more tournaments throughout the year but they don’t nearly generate the same attention. for the real tennis fan, however, these tournaments will also be interesting to watch. perhaps you even have a significant advantage playing the low-profile tournaments because you have more chances to win.

Why do people love fantasy sports?

Why do people love fantasy sports?

That’s a good question. Let’s get into some psycho analyzation here, shall we? Fantasy sports fans, how do you explain the hype? It’s pretty very straight-forward. They love sports. The particular reason that they love playing fantasy sports than let’s say a game of snooker, is because of the interactive part. Fantasy sports make people feel like they’re a part of the sport, the team, and the players.


Fantasy sports fans are dynamic and real. For many people, it’s much more attractive than playing slots in an online casino. That’s because fantasy sports require a real skill. If you don’t know your players, their strengths and their weaknesses, chances are small you can actually win.

Peer pressure

Maybe that’s not the right word for it, but you get the point. When everyone in your office is talking about playing fantasy sport, it’s hard to stay behind. That’s of course not the only thing. Participating in season-long leagues for a sport you love is simply a great group activity with your friends or secret enemies in the office.


Believe it or not, most people really love going through stats and analytics. But of course, only when it’s about a topic they care for. Being good at fantasy sports requires a lot of reading and analyzing stats. Sites like FanDuel will provide helpful information regarding players. For example, their performance in previous games, possible injuries, risks and a lot more numbers that are useful.

fantasy sports fans

The dream

I was going to call this headline ‘money’ but then I realized ‘the dream’ would probably more accurate. A lot of people get into playing fantasy sports think they can become as good as the top players who win all the money. Because yes, that is really a thing, playing fantasy sports you can win millions. However, the advertisement for fantasy sports is often somewhat misleading because it makes you believe it’s within hand-reach for you as well. I don’t want to kill your dreams, but it needs to be said. The players who win over and over again use a lot of smart data, sheets, and tricks in order to stay their game. Heck, most of them even do it for a living.

The reality

So in what kind of position does that bring you? The position of underdog, who will likely lose his money. BUT. If you’re really serious about winning, you definitely can. You just need to get ready to invest a lot of time and effort in generating the most accurate information to form your strategy.

fantasy sports fans


The competition in fantasy sports is fierce. That means you might consider yourself an expert, but that doesn’t mean you can actually rock in fantasy sports. if you’re just in it to enjoy the process, the fun of it, that’s okay. But if you’re in it with a higher perspective, that of winning, then please do consider that the competition you have is about the insane you can imagine. That’s because after all, there is big money involved in fantasy sports. Therefore it will always attract the people that will keep on refining and improving their skill (and beat you in the process).

Fantasy sports

Fantasy Sports

Can we call this the phenomenon of the century? I think it would be safe to do so. Across the world, the popularity of fantasy sports has gone through the roof. It started with baseball and football, but over the years many more sports have been added. Tennis is one of the most recent ones to be added, which is strange because it’s such a popular sport.

Social media and sports

If you were to ask the experts or any fantasy sports player, they all say the same thing. The reason fantasy sports were able to grow as rapidly as they did, is because of social media. That’s easy to explain by the simple fact that people love talking about sports. Whether that’s at home with family, online or at the office. The interactive and competitive element of fantasy sports has made it an ideal topic of conversation.

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Especially when fantasy sports first started out, and DFS wasn’t a thing yet, it was something that friends compete in. And it still is now. But a lot of the season-long leagues have made a place for DFS. That means ‘Daily fantasy sports’. These games are essentially the same as season-long ones, the obvious difference being that they’re daily. The advantage of that is that it’s fast-paced, you know if you won or not and that makes it more attractive for some people.

FanDuel and DraftKings

To me, it’s kind of strange that something so popular as fantasy sports you can only play at two main sites. Of course, there are some more players in the game, but when we look at the variety and options, these 2 far exceed others. They’ve built something close to a monopoly, but players seem to be satisfied with their return on investment so they keep coming back. A few ways these smart companies have leveraged social media to generate attention is through polls, sharing memes, all of which they know sports fans would love to share on their page. I know that might sound simplistic, but sports is one of the few topics that people can’t stop talking about. Naturally, that makes social media a great alley.

fantasy sports graph

Fantasy tennis

Unlike the popularity of tennis tournaments in real-life, the fantasy tennis version has not been taken off as explosive as expected. We don’t know why. Perhaps the people that watch tennis don’t care so much about fantasy sports. Or maybe the format of fantasy tennis just is quite different than fantasy sports like baseball or football. Both of these are team sports, which make the entire process of the draft and line-up of a completely different nature. However, with the popularity of the Grand Slam tournaments, I’m sure that in the near future the fantasy tennis part of it will gain more traction.

Strategy tips

Strategy tips

Like with any fantasy sport, there are a lot of strategy tips to take into account with tennis too. Like with any other fantasy sport you might play, there is much more strategy involved than you might think at first. That is no different when it comes to fantasy tennis. Because the sport is relatively new on fantasy sports sites, there isn’t as much info out there like for example football or basketball. But below you find some key basics to keep in mind if you want to win at fantasy tennis!

Analyze players

What you do in fantasy tennis is essentially the same as for example in fantasy football. That brings me to more strategy tips. You assemble a team of players that you think will perform best in the upcoming tournament. That fact might be a little confusing because tennis is not a team sport. However, it doesn’t make much difference. Your first and most important job is to analyze players you want to have on your team. There are a few essential stats to look at. If it’s for a particular Grand Slam tournament you’re picking players, then look at their past performance on that particular surface. What is their weakness? strengths? what stands out most? biggest mistakes?

strategy tips

The surface

The surface on which the tournament is played is a big deal in professional tennis. There are hard courts, clay courts, and grass courts, for example, all of which require a different set of skills. That’s why included in strategy tips is the player’s individual skills and weaknesses. Some of the player’s skills might work great on hard courts, but not so much on the grass. You need to observe how the ball responds to each type of surface and what the player is most likely to fail and succeed at. Big serves will prefer a hard court, athletic players love a clay court. The latter because that slows the ball and an athletic player won’t have a hard time to run around the court and get to the ball.


To understand how big a difference the surface of the court can make, let’s look at player Thomaz Bellucci. Where he wins only 42% of the matches played on a hard court, he has won 57% of them on clay. You might have a player in mind to put on your team who you find a star, but keep in mind their percentage of winning on each court. If not, you will most likely regret it.

strategy tips


The rules on fantasy tennis change quite a bit, depending on which site you use to play. If we look at FanDuel for a moment, we will see that they offer 2 formats. For one, you pick 6 players that make up your team. This will happen in each round of games, but at the quarterfinals, rules change. Then instead of 6, you pick only 3 players. Because of the lack of players, you will see some rules to compensate for that. When it comes to choosing the type of game, fantasy tennis is the same as any other. You can choose multipliers and head-to-heads to name a few. Whatever you might choose, keep in mind that if you want a decent shot to win, you need to invest time in refining your strategy!