Grand Slam Tournaments

Grand Slam Tournaments

In case you’re wondering what the Grand Slam Tournaments are, it refers to the 4 most important tennis tournaments. Not just because of their extensive media coverage, but also for the great prize money. On top of that of course, each tournament is a whole event with celebrities, parties, and get-togethers that everyone loves to be a part of.

Tournaments history

The 4 Grand Slam tournaments are Wimbledon, the US and Australian Open and Roland-Garros de Paris. I guess it’s self-evident where each of these tournaments is played! Most people would agree that Wimbledon (1877) is the most prestigious of these tournaments. It has that heritage and flair, perhaps because it’s from the UK or more likely because it’s the oldest tournament. All players still have to wear all-white uniforms and there is just an atmosphere to it that the other tournaments can’t top. That doesn’t mean the other tournaments aren’t important, the contrary! All tournaments are equally important.

grand slam tournaments


So what makes each of these tournaments stand out? and what are its similarities? the most important difference is the surface on which is played. Wimbledon is played on grass, the US and Australian Open on a hard court and Roland-Garros on clay. Each of these surfaces creates a different play-experience, as well for the player as the watcher. Aside from that, the tournaments are pretty similar in the sense that they generate wide media coverage and have great prize money.

Playing fantasy tennis

If you’ve been playing fantasy sports for a while, you might know that fantasy tennis has only been recently added to the assortment. Perhaps that’s because tennis is not a team sport and therefore the draft and line-up will be less dynamic. Not to mention, less to resemble real-life. But that, of course, is no more than a matter of personal taste, it turns out that the fantasy tennis point system was also not easy to organize.

Point system

When you shop around on different fantasy sports sites, you’ll notice that the rules vary quite a bit. There are differences in the point system, draft rules and the number of players to pick for your team. The biggest change has been made by FanDuel, where you’re allowed to trade players after the lock. This is great because in real-life tennis it happens quite often a player withdraws. Which for your team instantly means you’re far behind. This makes the game more dynamic and takes the pressure off for you as a player.


Playing other tournaments

The biggest peak in popularity when it comes to fantasy tennis we always ee during one of the 4 grand slam tournaments. Of course, there are many more tournaments throughout the year but they don’t nearly generate the same attention. for the real tennis fan, however, these tournaments will also be interesting to watch. perhaps you have even a significant advantage playing the low-profile tournaments because you have more chances to win.